Vozmob's founding organization and fiscal sponsor: IDEPSCA's mission: to create a more humane and democratic society by responding to the needs and problems of disenfranchised people through leadership development and educational programs based on Popular Education methodology. Specifically our goal is to organize and educate immigrants concerned with solving problems in their own communities.


VozMob Affiliates:

  • LACAN The mission of the Los Angeles Community Action Network (LA CAN) is to help people dealing with poverty create & discover opportunities, while serving as a vehicle to ensure they have voice, power & opinion in the decisions that are directly affecting them.
  • Aprendamos Program is an academic and cultural enrichment program that provides quality-education experiences for children and their families to enhance literacy and analytical skills in reading, writing, math, science, and multi-media. Every program cycle is thematically organized around a collaborative project that involves all students in learning for social justice, with an emphasis on arts, digital media, and cultural pride. Aprendamos employs popular education methodology in which each student is both a learner and teacher. Our curriculum is aligned with California state standards for each grade level.
  • Southern California Library is a people's library dedicated to documenting and preserving the histories of communities in struggle for justice and using our collections to address the challenges of the present so that all people have the ability, resources, and freedom to make their own histories.
  • Main Street Project is a grassroots cultural organizing, media justice and economic development initiative working to help rural and urban communities face today's realities with hope. We provide creative and practical tools to give people of all ages, cultures, economic and immigration status the opportunity to more fully participate in all aspects of community life.
  • FreeLA Youth Justice Coalition/Free LA is working to build a youth-led movement to challenge race, gender and class inequality in Los Angeles County's, California's and the nation's juvenile injustice system. Our goal is to tear down policies and practices that have ensured the massive lock-up of people of color, widespread police violence and corruption, system-wide violation of youth and communities' Constitutional and human rights, and the build-up of the world's largest prison system. We use direct action organizing, advocacy, political education and activist arts to agitate, expose, and annoy the people in charge in order to upset power and bring about change.
  • Media Literacy Project (New Mexico),
  • Conexion Comunitaria ( Monterey California),
  • Unidad Latina en Accion (New Haven, Connecticut),
  • Media Mobilizing Project (Philadelphia).

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