我們在這裡分享来自雨傘運動的歌曲、詩歌和聲音故事吧!請致電本港電話5808 3014,按1字或等到嘟一聲之後,即可開始錄音。聽其他人的錄音,請按2字。了解本群組更多資訊,請按3字。用手機或家居電話均可。亦可瀏覽網址 取得更多内容。 Share songs, poems, or stories from the Umbrella Movement! Please call 5808 3014 in Hong Kong and press 1 to record your own story, or just wait for the tone. Press 2 to listen to other stories. Press 3 to hear more about the group”. You can call from any mobile or landline telephone. You can also visit to access more content.