The Graduate

As a woman who's been fortunate enough to got to college, and now graduate with a Ph.D., I truly count myself blessed. I have had opportunities in life that I know some women only dream of, and that makes me feel sad and sometimes guilty. You see, I struggle with self doubt. Doubt that I can do what I dream of, doubt that I am good enough, and doubt that I can make a difference. When I saw this horse and rider I knew that I would want it to be the monument that was erected for every girl who has ever had a dream that they doubted they would accomplish. I see a horse and rider charging ahead into the great unknown. I hope that the difference I make in the world is for those who doubt like me. May they know that there is always someone, the horse riding towards the dream, or the rider to help guide the way, with them. That it is okay to doubt, but they should charge ahead anyways. For the only way you know what you can accomplish is to try, try harder, and to love the adventure that comes with living a full life.