The way in which people live nowadays is no longer based on the traditional model of the family, but on flexible and variable models and structures. Not only our ways of living have changed, but neoliberalism initiatives have forced us to look for strategies that allow for affordable opportunities left within an incredible expensive housing market. Hence, the space for living has changed and sharing a home has become a massive phenomenon, an invisible urbanism that that challenges the way in which the house has been devised in the last decades.

This group has been created in order for people to share their stories about what they define home, the aim being to compare different models of living around the globe.

Some of the questions that we are willing to unveil with this initiative are:

- Where do you live?
- How many people do you live with?
- Did you know them before?
- Do you have a living space besides your room?Do you use it?
- How much do you pay?
- Do you rent-buy-temporary sublet-squat-live in a cooperative or any other?
- Why did you chose to live there?

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