Looking for some more info about Vojo? You've come to the right place.

What's Vojo?

Vojo makes it easy for people to post stories from inexpensive mobile phones via voice calls, SMS, and MMS. It also makes it easy to set up and customize a group where people can post content from their phones.

But I don't have a smartphone :(

No problem! You don't need a smart phone or internet access to post stories to Vojo groups - any phone will do. Vojo lets you create an account via a phone call or text message, and start posting right away.

OK. What else is can I do with it?

In addition to content posting and user registration via voice, sms, and MMS, vojo features include: tags (use #), geocoding (use %), maps, customizeable groups, and group messaging blasts. To learn more about all of Vojo's features and how to use them, check out the user manual.

Interesting. But what are people actually doing with Vojo Groups?

Check out some examples of interesting Vojo groups to spur your imagination.

Cool, can I look at the code?

Sure! Vojo is Free/Libre Open Source Software, click here to see the code. It's powered by the VozMob Drupal Distribution. You might also be interested in our issue tracker at or our irc channel on freenode, #vozmob.

Where did you get the idea for Vojo?

Vojo is a hosted version of the VozMob Drupal Distribution, which has been developed by the VozMob (Mobile Voices / Voces Moviles) project through an ongoing collaborative design process with day laborers, household workers, students, and a diverse team from the Institute of Popular Education of Southern California (IDEPSCA).

Who made Vojo?

Vojo was built by a talented team at the MIT Center for Civic Media, with support from folks at VozMob, VOIP Drupal, and Mirabot Technology Cooperative. For more info, check out our team!

OK, I'm ready to try it out.

Great! Go ahead and get started!

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